Welcome to Savage Reviews! Here you will find a review or two about a game or 2 or a keyboard or something or other. Expect expletives, brutal honesty and occasional slurping sounds surrounding a rare, worthy review.

First thing’s first though, I need some fresh stuff to write about because I don’t want to just review distant memories in the chaotic depths of my mad mind. So, I’ll be playing through Destiny 2 and The Last of Us again to write some fine feedback for y’all. After that I suspect I’ll swing by Harran again to slay some zombies in Dying Light.

So that’s what’s in store for the short term; other than that, we’ll just see what the future brings!

Finally, a quick bit about me in case you’re the curious type:

I’m a youngish chap from the UK called Timof, sporting a fine 28 years of age under the belt. I’m a programmer by occupation, although it’s a pretty boring career path and I don’t recommend taking up jobs involving work and/or technologies you don’t like. That’s miserable, as I very recently discovered.

I play a lot of console games, I’m a Sony man. PS4 is where I’m at right now, not the pro. I’m not buying the same thing twice. For a cheeky little upgrade. Nope. Lol, my attempt of being one of the lads there, get me a beer!

There’s some games I won’t play on the console because they are, in my mind, PC games, OR they are actually just PC games regardless of what my mind thinks. Such as WoW, Diablo, Overwatch… wait a minute, this feels like a blizz-fest! Splinter Cell was absolutely epic on the PC and there are of course others that have came and gone or will come and go.

So yeah, console and PC gaming is what I’m all about. You may find the occasional product review on here that falls outside of that remit too such as me describing the pros and cons of switching to a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse. That said, I’ll be sure to get stuck in to a variety of games outside of my comfort zone for those unbiased reviews!

I hope that many of you will enjoy and benefit from these reviews but either way, it’s also a good way to express some opinions 😀

Anyway, enough rambling. I’ve got some gaming to be doing!